Caring for your Car - Simple washing tips

Protecting your vehicle paintwork is safeguarding it for the future. Rain water, bird dropping, sap from trees and daily driving takes it toll on your paintwork. Protect it against all of the above and preventing long term damage will save money, increase appearance and, when and if you come to resell or trade in, increase revenue.

Here are Stevie's top tip on what you can do to care for your car.

  1. Always use wheel cleaner first and allow any chemical time to work
  2. Agitate with a soft brush -  hard brushes will cause stratched on the paintwork
  3. Cover the vehicle in foam or wash from top to bottom using the 2 bucket wash system
  4. Never wash in direct sunlight
  5. Use a lambswool wash mit - Sponges also cause scratches at they trap dirt between sponge and paint
  6. Dry with microfibre towels
  7. Polish first then wax after
  8. Polish/wax a panel or area at a time
  9. Clean glass last