Safe Wash (By Appointment - Weekends Only)

The worst thing you can do to your car, is wash it poorly. Poor washing techniques will mark and dull your paintwork. Our " Safe Wash " will ensure the vehicle looks great for as long as possible.

SGDetailing charges for time, £40.00 per hour and you then decide how much you want to spend, I will best advise you and tell you exactly what I can do in the time you wish to pay for. If you wish you can book your car in for 2 or 3 sessions, given you more control over your budget. 

Safe Wash    1 hour of my time is £40.00
Safe Wash & Wax  2 hours of my time is £80.00 ( high quality wax )

Prior to any Booking Please Call to Check Availability.



Protection Detailing Package (By Appointment Only)

Our Protection Detail package will vastly improve the overall protection and appearance of your car, leaving a glossy and deep lustre finish.

Your vehicle will initially receive a multi-stage wash. This will include a full clay-bar treatment to remove any embedded contaminates such as dust and deep grime, leaving the paint smooth and contaminate free.

A pre-wax cleaner is applied by a Dual Action or Rotary Polisher. This further prepares the paint while adding gloss and depth, leaving a perfect surface to apply protection.

The final stage protection is then applied using an advanced coating, these coatings alone can cost up to £180 and the overall price reflects this. We apply caramic/nano cooatings that are a hydrophobic coating that with the correct care will last for many years. 

This service is highly recommended for cars 1 to 3 years old with very good paintwork. Sadly though it has been my experience that even some brand new cars may require minor machine work and correction as do some older cars. Please discuss this prior to booking your car in.

Protection Detail Service Starting at £520.00. This is 13 hours work over 2 days.

Prior to any Booking Please Call to Check Availability.


Enhancement Package (By Appointment Only)

This service option offers the first level removal of light surface defects. Leaving your paintwork sharper and reflective with added gloss and depth to your vehicle’s final finish.

This is where you can fully appreciate the benefits of a using a professional detailer.

Enhancement Detail Service Starting at £480.00. This is 12 hours work over 2 days.

Prior to any Booking Please Call to Check Availability.


Paint Correction Package (By Appointment Only)

No two cars will have the same quality of paintwork, every manufacturer, model and even colour will vary. This detail includes extensive machine polishing – Swirls, holograms, micro-marring and scratches are removed using the safest tools and techniques. PLEASE NOTE... This package does NOT include CQuartz Protection however it can be added at a reduced cost from above package

Correction Detail Service Starting at £560.00. This is 14 hours over 2 days. 

Prior to any Booking Please Call to Check Availability.


New Car Preparation Detailing Package (By Appointment Only)

Give your new car the best possible start in life. Dealerships can offer you Paint Protection, but the products used are not always the best available for your car.

Incorrectly applied products or rushed processes can leave the car with swirl marks and scratches. Our new car preparation Detailing is specifically designed for vehicles less than 12 to 18 months old.

New Car Protection Detail Service Starting at £440.00. This is 11 hours work over 2 days.  

Prior to any Booking Please Call to Check Availability



Prior to any Booking Please Call to Check Availability.

Maintenance Detailing Package

For the very best results, a Maintenance Detail is designed to be carried out following a more thorough treatment. This package is designed to top up protection levels between treatments.

Should you choose to wash your own vehicle the protection will also be maintained. Provided that you use the correct washing procedures and products. 

Maintenance Detail Service Starting as little as  £300.00

Valeting Packages

1/2 Valet - Keep on top of the general dust and grime that collates within the interior of your vehicle.

Full Interior Valet - Leather cleaning and feeding, wet and dry cleaning of floor mats. We give you the service that suits you and your car.

Half Valet  3 hours req £120.00
Full Valet  5 hours req £200.00

Wheel Refurbishment (Upon request)

While your car is in receiving any of our packages we can arrange to have your wheel or wheels refurbished back to new.

This can included the removal of any scuff marks and scratches. Please note we do not carry the work out at our premises, we have sourced the very best company to do Powder Coating for our customers. You are more than happy to go direct to them yourselves, we just save you the hastle of taking wheels off, arranging delivery and collection of the wheels and we also coat the wheels with a protective wax or sealant as required. 

Wheel Refurbishment and Brake Caliper Detailing from £350.00

Alloy Wheel Detailing

This is based on 4 wheels being done, by safe removal, deep clean each wheel and then added protection in the form of wax or hybrid coating. Time is 4 hours ie; 1 hour per wheel. Price is based on a 17" wheel size, price increases by wheel size £5 per hour, ie 18" £30, 19" £35 etc... This allows for the time and chemical used, bigger wheel = more chemicals.

Alloy Wheel Detailing from £120.00

Interior Deep Clean

Interior Deep Clean from £60.00

Prior to any Booking Please Call to Check Availability.

Interior deep clean time required minimum 3 hours.